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I take a"value provided" approach to billing instead of charging based on billing hours like many accounting firms. I will work with you in our initial consultation to understand the complexities of your situation so you can plan ahead and budget accordingly for any accounting and advising services. Whether it be a one time tax return or monthly services.

BUSINESS 1065, 1120, 1120S TAX RETURNS

Prices start at $275,

$550 with a Schedule C

Pricing depends on a number of factors. Are you an independent contractor? Do you have a passthrough business with Schedule K-1s? Investments? Retirement? Donations?

Not everybody needs an accountant to prepare their tax return, but if you'd like to avoid stress and have somebody on your side throughout the year, I'm here for you.

Prices start at $850

Businesses come in many forms and so do tax returns!  Here's some things to consider: Do you have a bookkeeper ? Do you have multiple owners? Do you pay contractors?

This service includes filing your forms 1099-NEC, responding to IRS notifications and answering questions you or your partners have during the year.

Prices start at $75 for 45 min

Consulting ranges from one-time "what do I do with this weird form" to CFO work and meetings each month. When you're thinking about starting a business, start here.


If you want to avoid notices from the IRS, state and local governments, and other regulatory bodies, have somebody on your side who has that experience.

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