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I have my masters degree in Accounting from the University of Iowa's highly ranked Tippie College of Business and earned my CPA certification while working and gaining valuable experience at a top midsize accounting firm in Chicago, IL.


Currently located in Marina, California. I'm so lucky to be married to a wonderful individual in the Navy, but that means we move around a lot. No problem with today's technology! Never worry again about coming into an office or getting a hold of your local accountant because I'll be available to answer your questions year-round through the magic of the internet.

In my experience, the most rewarding part of accounting is building relationships with clients. I love it when clients reach out to me throughout the year with tax and accounting questions not only about their business, but about personal tax questions as well.


In the end, my mission is to share my knowledge of accounting & business with those who know their business but don't know accounting and may be intimidated or uninterested the formality of a traditional CPA firm.

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